Managing Growth and Change

Much time and effort is spent, and rightly so, on the launch phase of a new company and decisions made and actions taken during that phase will impact the future of the business and how the focus of the members of the senior management team will change as the company evolves.  The launch phase is dominated by brainstorming about new business ideas, clearing the decks for concentrating on product development and marketing, forming a new entity and finding the funds required to make the dreams of the founders come true.  If all goes well the company will transition into a growth phase marked by climbing revenues, an expanding line of products and services and, perhaps most important from a management perspective, an explosion in the size of the organizational structure and the challenges of coordination and communication.  Growth is not necessarily constant and the expansion path of the business may include peaks and valleys, with each downturn bringing its own set of issues in terms of diagnosing problems and then identifying and taking corrective action.  At some point the rapid growth generally slows and the company reaches a plateau or even begins to experience signs of decline as customer requirements change and new technologies and competitors emerge.  In some cases the symptoms for decline cannot be reversed; however, it most cases the company can stave off extinction by consciously focusing on renewing its business model and, in effect, launching a new business that can succeed in the changed business environment in which the company is operating.  However, renewal is not easy since it requires not only new ideas, technologies and capital but also changes in culture and in the ways in which things are done within the company.



Managing Growth and Change

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