Governance Codes and Policies

Overviews of Governance and Sustainability Policies and Practices

Ahlsell Sustainability

Amgen – How We Operate: Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Principles

Corporate Governance Guidelines (BTS)

Corporate Governance Statement (Report)

GM Corporate Governance Guidelines

McDonalds Corporate Governance Principles

NASDAQ Corporate Governance Guidelines

Nihon Corporate Governance & Internal Controls

Wix Corporate Governance Guidelines

Comparison of Governance Guidelines and Codes of Best Practice (Article)

Code of Conduct

3M Code of Conduct

Ahsell’s Code of Conduct

Google Code of Conduct

McDonalds Standards of Business Conduct

Nestle Code of Business Conduct

PRA Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Sanofi Code of Ethics

Unilever Code of Business Principles & Policies

18 of the Best Codes of Conduct Examples (Article)

A Strategy to Reinvent Corporate Codes of Conduct (Article)

Ethics and Compliance Initiative: Code of Conduct Toolkit (Article)

OECD Study of Codes of Corporate Conduct (Article)

Directors’ Code of Business Conduct

Directors’ Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

McDonalds Directors’ Code of Business Conduct

CEO/CFO Code of Ethics

Amgen Code of Ethics for CEO and Senior Financial Officers

Internet Infinity Code of Ethics for CEO and Senior Financial Officers

Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

McDonalds Supplier Code of Conduct

Environment Policy

Agilent Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Cisco Corporate Environmental Policy

Kate Spade Corporate Environmental Policy

Kellogg Company Climate Policy

How to Write and Environmental Policy (Article)

Social Responsibility Policy

Dilpack Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

ECTA Generic Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Enbridge Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Iberdosca General Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

InvenSense Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Novartis Corporate Responsibility Guideline

Workable Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

How to Write a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (Article)

Human Rights Policy

Coca Cola Human Rights Policy

Company Policy Statements on Human Rights (Article)

Employment Policy

Roche Group Employment Policy

Stakeholder Engagement and Community Development Policy

Kosmos Stakeholder Engagement & Community Development Policy

Political Contribution Policy

McDonalds Political Contribution Policy